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It is often the case where a Trust or a Probate Estate has Real Property that the assistance of both a Real Estate Attorney and a Realtor are required.  In such situations, a Trustee or Administrator or Personal Representative of an Estate might require the assistance of both a Real Estate Attorney to represent them and guide them through the Court process but also a Real Estate Broker who can guide them and represent them through any related transactions or sales.  Depending on the situation, such a client may be best served by either the Law Offices of Marc Grossman or Grossman Realty.  In some situations, and with appropriate disclosures, consent and Court approval as may be required, having an attorney who can also provide broker services and handle any related real estate transactions can create an ideal opportunity for the beneficiaries to get the benefit of superior legal and real estate services while also keeping more of the estate in the pockets of the beneficiaries than might otherwise be the case.  OUr team of expert attorneys and expert partners include the communities most respected and most trusted Probate and Trust attorneys.  Our attorneys work hand in hand with our Real Estate experts who are likewise the most experienced and trusted Brokers in our Community. 

Our team of expert Attorneys and Brokers includes the most experienced, trusted and respected professionals in our community.  Our Consultations are always free and your best interest is always our only concern.

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